BLACKBRAIN’s Vador Mouse Now in MBGG Store

BLACKBRAIN’s Vador Mouse Now in MBGG Store

BLACKBRAIN’s Vador Mouse Now in MBGG Store

We’re excited to announce BLACKBRAIN as our latest artist edition to our online store, featuring two different numbered edition prints! BLACKBRAIN came up with this mix of vador and the mouse prior to the Star Wars and Disney merger, representing the dichotomy of the villain vs. our childhood joy. Each color way is limited to 25 signed & numbered copies, 19×19 in. scale.

BLACKBRAIN is a pop-noir artist, which is an art style that uses clashing primary colors to create bold lines or neo-modern font. His work is created to comment on popular culture in a disruptive way. His early education in the arts began at Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, FL, where he graduated and continued his studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art. He’s gone on to showcase his art around the globe, securing collaborations with major brands such as Hasbro, Takora, Karen Design, and Eleven. 

In 2009 he was awarded IDA Product Designer of the Year and has also won the CES Innovation Award as well the IDA Residential Sustainable Design Award. As a philanthropist, he frequently works with, using his work to raise awareness and funds toward helping the world’s water crisis. He and his wife Ariel co-founded Vergez Inc., an eccentric arts collective in 2012, aimed at showcasing various artists and the stories they tell through their work.

Check out our store to view his prints and catch up with him on social media @BlackBrainLA.

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